Solved by a verified expert:How do the blood volume, blood pressure, heart rate, and stroke volume change during septic shock?Scenario: T. J. and Tyler were building a treehouse.While searching for a board in apile of used lumber, T. J. stepped on arusty nail that penetrated deep into hisfoot, causing it to bleed. Neither T. J.nor Tyler wanted to tell their parentsabout the accident, but after three days,T. J. developed septic shock. His foothad become infected and the infectionhad spread into his bloodstream. Afterreading this chapter and recalling informationabout the structure and functionof the heart described in chapter 20,explain how T. J.’s blood volume, bloodpressure, heart rate, and stroke volumechanged due to septic shock. Also,explain how blood fl ow in the peripherychanged and how it affected T. J.’sappearance. Finally, explain theconsequences if T. J.’s blood pressureremained abnormally low forHow does blood flow in the periphery change in this scenario? What would be the consequences if the blood pressure remained abnormally low for a prolonged period of time?**** there are 2 questions here please let me know how much to answer both of them with 200 words or more good quality*****