Solved by a verified expert:1. Each of the following structures has errors. Correct the mistakes by writing the correctstructure. You may add or subtract bonds or hydrogen units.For example:H-O could be changed to H-O-H by adding covalently bonded hydrogen to the originalmolecule.H−C−H│HC─ C─C─C─C═O│OC─N─H║OH─S─H│HH─C═C─H2. Identify these pH values as either acid or base and rank them from strongest (1) to weakest (4)in the following chart.10, 3,2,6,8,12,1, and 7.5Acid: 1_____ 2____ 3_____4_____ Base 1____ 2_____3____4_____3. Which of the acids and bases has the highest concentration of hydrogen ions?