Solved by a verified expert:What is an advantage of using complementary medicine for treatment of an illness?Complementary medicine can be used with allopathic medicine.Complementary medicine replaces allopathic medicine as a primary form of treatment.Complementary medicine lessens a patient’s discomfort with allopathic treatments.Complementary medicine is never used with allopathic medicine.A patient tells the nurse that she is a member of a religion where birth control is either permitted or up to the choice of the couple. Which religions have this belief regarding the useof birth control?Buddhist Church of AmericaJudaismHinduismAll of the above.10. A patient is planning to participate in a physical healing session. What activities will occur during this session?Laying on handsSubmersion in waterHaving blood drawnReleasing muscle tension through massagePre-testHCA 340 Cultural Diversity in Health and IllnessWhat would a patient of Irish Catholic heritage use to treat menstrual cramps?Hot milk sprinkled with gingerShot of whiskeyGlass of warm wineAll of the above.Which health restoration practice would a person from the Swedish-American Protestant heritage use to treat a black eye?Applying ice to the affected area.Placing heat on the affected area.Making a poultice to draw down the swelling.Applying leeches to decrease the bruising.A patient is a migrant farm worker. Which barrier would exist for this patient to access health care if needed? a. Language b. Homelessness c. Racism d. AccessWhich is the philosophy of cultural care?Holistic care is predicated on cultural health traditions and needs.Sufficient money, technology, and science are used to cure.Premature death must be avoided.Disease and injury are avoided through health promotion and maintenance.Even though the Indian Health Service (IHS) provides care to a wide area of the population, what is an issue with this health service?Services are predominantly given in the western part of the United States.Health services can only be done through IHS facilities.Any American Indian or Alaska Native can demand care from the IHS.There is a redundancy of services in all its facilities.16. Inacupuncture, why are the needles inserted at predetermined points or the meridians?They help to restore yin and yang balance.This is where the bones and muscles intersect.They represent specific yin and yang points.It will achieve the best anesthetic response.17. Infemale patient?traditional Chinese medicine, how would a male physician diagnose a health problem in aHaving the primary male member of the family describe the symptomsTouching a ribbon attached to the woman’s wristSpeaking to the woman behind a screenAllowing the primary male member of the family to touch the woman’s pulseDuring the examination of a patient from the Black culture, how will the nurse recognize pallor?Absence of underlying red tonesPalpate the skinCheck the scleraSlow blood returnWhich health profession has the highest percentage of Black or African Americans? a. Nursing b. Podiatry c. Optometry d. DentistryWhich action would address demographic disparity in health care for the Hispanic population?Increase the number of Hispanics entering the health care professionsRequire all health care providers to learn SpanishDecrease the numbers of current students in health care education programs to increase the numbers for Hispanic studentsProvide Hispanic health care workers for Hispanic clientsPre-testHCA 340 Cultural Diversity in Health and IllnessWhich method will a patient of the Hispanic culture use to counteract illness caused by an imbalance?Eat foods that are opposite of the imbalanceRefrain from discussing the illness with family membersSeek appropriate medical care from the local healerDress appropriatelyWhen compared to all races, which would be higher in the White population?Percentage of women receiving prenatal careInfant mortality ratePercentage of low birth-weight infantsCrude birth rateWhat might a patient of German descent used to treat a stomachache?Stop eating for at least 24 hoursDrink peppermint teaTake black draughtEat chicken soupWhat action would a nurse take to learn more about the different cultures represented in the community?Recognize hot-cold imbalancesPrepare a guide sheet with a list of herbsRecognize folk diseasesWalk through the communityWhat self-observation does the nurse make that indicates that the nurse is “on the road” to cultural competency?Avoiding the use of amuletsIndividual culture and religionAdhering to ways to protect health that are consistent with the dominant cultureSocialized by society