Solved by a verified expert:The goal of this project is to create an ecotopia as a town, village, or city-like setting. You must be asenvironmentally conscious of every product you use or make to build your town. You can have as manyor little rules as you like. Your town can be in the present or future time period. You can use past ideas,but in a modern way of life. Think about how your town will stay green, once you build it.3. Be as creative as possible. The more environmental your town is in all aspects, the better yourgrade will be.4. Make sure you are the most creative though as you can possibly be! Learn about greenbuildingprojects, but then go above and beyond what is not invented yet!! Email me any time for questions.5.Answer all of these questions, by writing in a word document (1-5 sentences):a.What will the homes/shops/buildings/furniture be made of?b.How will the water be transported and cleaned?c.What is your energy source? How will it work?d.What are the transportation options? Rules?e.What type of food will you grow, eat, and what will clothes be made of?f.How do you dispose of your town’s waste (wastewater and trash) ?g.List the rules of the town or societyh.How will the children be schooled?i. What are the jobs of the people? How do people in your village or town get money? Is there moneyin your town or only trade?j.Are you on an island or in a city on the mainland?6. Everything must be closed-loop , so think of how all of the town begins and how it will keep onliving and going. Exporting and importing products are possible, but try to be as self sustainable aspossible.7.There are so many possibilities. The more detailed you think, the better! You can create ideas thathave not been thought of yet. Think beyond what information you have already learned