Solved by a verified expert:Gene expression is regulated at many levels in bacteria. Your textbook displays a summary of regulatory mechanism used to control gene expression. An overview of gene expression in bacteria can be found at A video Combination of Switches The Lac Operon.swf.In this discussion, you will describe an operon. There are many examples listed in your book. In the discussion please include the following:1. Describe an operon, the regulatory proteins, the cellular process and the molecules being “sensed”2. Include details about the orientation of the genes and the promoter/operator sequences or activator binding site.3. Provide details about the repressor/activator and inducer/inhibitor proteins.4. Explain how the operon helps microbe survive and possibly thrive in its environment.5. Include details about conditions that trigger expression of the gene{s}.6. Explain when this regulation occurs: During transcription, translation, or post-translation.My choice is the Tryptophan Operon.Please it is 2/3 paged word document, with proper APA style formatting.