Solved by a verified expert:ASSIGNMENT IIIBIOL 1020 OnlineIntroduction to Biology IIThe following questions for you to answer are to prepare you for the types ofquestions encountered on exams. Please upload the answers to your instructorby the appropriate due date.1. Fungi are significant contributors to the health of an ecosystem. Discuss theimportance of fungi being a decomposer.2. Lichens can often survive in rocky, bare environments. What are lichens, and why dotheir lifestyle characteristics make them so well adapted to barren environments?3. What makes an animal an animal? In other words, what are the generalcharacteristics shared by all animals?4. You have been asked to distinguish between a flatworm, a roundworm, and anannelid worm. Identify and discuss two key features you will use for each of theseworms that will allow you to complete your task.5. Imagine you are on a marine expedition and you uncover a variety of previouslyunknown invertebrates. Discuss the major characteristics you will use to assign themto their correct phylum.6. First, compare and contrast the amphibian and reptile classes by discussing threekey similarities and differences. Next, discuss how reptiles have evolved fromamphibians.7. Birds are an everyday part of our lives, but are significant because they are one ofonly two vertebrate groups with the ability to fly. Discuss four adaptations that haveallowed birds to fly.8. First identify the four distinguishing features that all chordates share. Few of thesefeatures are obvious in adult chordates. Provide two specific examples to illustratehow a chordate feature is modified during embryonic development.