Solved by a verified expert:Find the following U.S. species on the list.Snail KiteRed-winged blackbirdGreat Blue HeronAmerican RobinWood StorkUsing the information provided in the websites, answer the following points. Assuming that generalist/opportunistic species are widespread and more or less uniformly distributed and usually occupy a variety of ecological niches, decide which of these species are generalists and which are specialists with narrow niche preferences or environmental tolerance ranges. Pay special attention to the species climate range, presence in densely populated areas, and evenness of their distribution throughout their range. You may want to look at the precipitation, biome, and climate maps across their range. Also, their diet and feeding behavior helps because a specialist eats only one or two things while a generalist may eat several different prey items. Devote one paragraph to each species. Please clearly state whether each bird listed above is a generalist or a specialist. There are right and wrong classifications on this assignment. Remember to cite your references.