Solved by a verified expert:Based on your reading of Chapter 9, submit an example of a real-life moral situation showing the application of deontological principles found either in your own experience or from newspapers, magazines, or movies. Briefly (150 words) explain why you think the situation you are describing is an example of deontological principles in action. You should look in newspapers, TV news, or magazines for examples of moral situations where someone made a moral decision for the sake of a moral principle or duty. For example, you might see in the news the case of a taxi driver that at the end of a day of work, upon returning his cab to the garage, found a briefcase in the backseat of the car containing $35,000.00 in cash. The briefcase contained no identification that could lead to the owner of the money. Despite his dire need for cash (he could use the money to pay for the surgery of his wife with breast cancer) he decided to deliver the money to the police. When asked by the reporter why he had done that, he responded that the money didn’t belong to him and he had a duty to give it to police. Use the concepts learned in chapter 9 to explain why the situation you are describing is an application of deontological principles.