Solved by a verified expert:1. Select characteristics exhibited by viruses2. review the scientific method by completing each sentence, then arrange the sentences in a logical paragrapg order3. Order the following choices to reflect the relative sizes of microorganisms as compared to each other and other cells and molecules, ranging from the largest to the smallest4. Select all areas that comprise the main concerns of the science of taxonomy5. Select characteristics exhibited by most prokaryotic microbes, such as bacteria and archaea, to test your understanding of the differences between prokaryoticand eukaryotic organisms6. Which of the following choices is a correct way to denote the binomial name of a microorganism?6. choose the term that describes the system of arranging and naming oragnism7. select the individual below that was a dutch linen merchant who ground glass lenses to ever finer specifi ations so that he was able to develop a microscope for observing and describing living micrsopic animals