Solved by a verified expert:In rural areas of developing countries, photovoltaic cells are used for all of the following purposes exceptA.charging batteries.B.charging batteries.C.providing refrigeration for vaccines.D.providing refrigeration for vaccines.E.pumping water.At oil refineries, heated crude oil is separated into different products based on ___.A.water solubilityB.boiling pointsC.densityD.sulfur potentialTidal energy cannot become a significant resource worldwide becauseA.the accompanying tidal waves cause too much environmental destruction.B.the equipment required to harness this energy is not yetC.few areas have large enough differences in water level between high and low tides to make power generation feasible.D.sand damages the equipmentE.tidal energy can become a significant resource worldwide.All of the following are challenges that face the application of fuel cell technology for motor vehicles exceptA.the size and weight of the fuel cell is prohibitive for use in automobiles.B.fuel cells are expensive.C.hydrogen is extremely volatile so safety issues must be addressed.D.infrastructure for refueling is not in place.E.the ability of the fuel cell to store more than a fixed amount of energy.Question 22 of 254.0 PointsWhat is the best long-term option for the storage of high-level radioactive waste in the U.S.? compartments at the bottom of cooling towers at nuclear power plants.B.deep burial in steel waste canisters at distant sites from population centersC.injection underground between layers of clay in remote in concrete casks at the bottom of the oceanE.export it to foreign locationsBiomass is composed ofA.nonrenewable materials.B.liquid chemicals.C.greenhouse gases.D.soil and material from plants and animals.