Solved by a verified expert:Cardiovascular System AssignmentCase#1: Arteriolar VasoconstrictionCase#2: Arterial VasoconstrictionCase#3: Venous VasoconstrictionCase#4: Cases #1, 2, and 3 at the same timeCase#5: Change in Cardiac contractility (increase or decrease: your choice)Case#6: Blood LossCase#7: Blood Transfusion Part I For all cases identify the relevant changes in Resistance, Compliance, Arterial Pressure, ArterialVolume, Venous Volume, Venous Pressure and the Cardiac Output. Explain these changes based onyour understanding of how they are all related to each other. (Provide graphs for each case showing the baseline and the disturbance by using CVsysplot.m andscenarioTest.xls OR by using the System Drawing Aid to generate a new venous return curve for each ofthese cases and compare the steady state values for each of these parameters against the ones in thebaseline condition)Part 2 For Cases #1, 5, and 7, provide alterations that could be made to the parameters of the CV systemthat could correct for these changes. Explain why these alternations correct the changes. UseCVsysplot.m and scenarioTest.xls and graphs to support your argument. (Provide graphs for each case showing the baseline, disturbance, and correction using CVsysplot.m andscenarioTest.xls.)