Solved by a verified expert:Case StudyMrs. White is a 55 yo female with a PMHx significant for HTN, and DM type 1. Shewas admitted for abdominal pain. A CT scan revealed appendicitis. Her homemedications include: Metoprolol, Lisinopril, and regular insulin. You received her fromthe PACU following a lap appendectomy.PACU Report: AOx4, VS RR 24, HR 90, BP 125/90, T 99.8, SpO2 95% of 2LNC. Lungsclear. No bowel sounds, Has a foley catheter to bedside drainage with light yellow urine.Est. blood loss in the OR was 500cc. Pain currently at 4/10 with a PCA pump withmorphine sulfate. The PCA settings are as follows: Basal rate of 3ml/hr, pt dose of 0.5mlQ15min with a 1 hour limit of 5ml/hr. IV fluids of D5 ½ NS @ 125ml/hr. #20 RAC.H/H pre-op 13.5/40, post-op 10.5/32.51. List 3 priority nursing diagnoses.2. Discuss the initial/priority interventions for this client. Include dependent andindependent actions.3. What lab values are you going to need to focus on and why?4. She is on both a beta-blocker and an ACE inhibitor, why, what is the rationale?5. Her pain is being managed via a PCA pump. What is the route for this type ofpain management?6. The client has been NPO for the past 18 hours. Her blood glucose is 250mg/dl.a. Provide an explanation for the elevation in blood sugar.b. Determine the nursing priorities for this finding.c. Discuss the priority assessments related to this treatment protocol.