Solved by a verified expert:1. Describe the process of fertilization in humans.2. List several barrier methods of birth control.3. Which birth control methods also offer protection from sexually transmitted diseases?4. How does the birth control pill prevent pregnancy?5. Infection with PID causing gonorrhea and chlamydia often goes untreated. If a woman has an untreated infection that advances to PID, why can’t antibiotic treatment necessarily prevent her from becoming infertile?6. How do yeast infections arise?7. Can men transmit yeast infections to women?8. Why does having pubic lice make the pubic area itchy?9. Is it always possible to determine who the first person to transmit an infectious disease was?10. Describe the currently most accepted hypothesis of the evolutionary relationships among the three domains of life.11. Most members of the domain Bacteria can be classified into one of two different types based on______________.12. Name the four kingdoms within the domain Eukarya.13. What physical characteristic unites all members of the domain Eukarya?14. Protists are unique among eukaryotic kingdoms in that members of the kingdom do not share a single, typical, mode of nutrition. What characteristic appears to unite the members of this very diverse kingdom?15. Describe the typical body form of a member of the kingdom Fungi and explain how this form related to the fungus life style.16. The tough cells that fungi produce for dispersal are known as______________.17. Describe two general characteristics that help define which phyla an animal species belongs to.18.For each pair, circle the trait that evolved first in the history of plant evolution.spores or seedsseeds or fruitsflowers or vascular tissuephotosynthesis or seeds19. Describe the relationship between flowers and fruits in flowering plants.