Solved by a verified expert:Now choose a pathogenic bacteria (PLEASE USE staphylococcus) to discuss and find the antibiotic that can be used to control it. Use this link ( to learn more about how antibiotics work and to identify the appropriate antibiotic for your chosen pathogen. Use the following format to write this section of your Case assignment:IntroductionInclude the growth requirements and phenotypic characteristics of your pathogenic bacteria. Refer to the dichotomous keys (, growth patterns(, and the CDC website to properly discuss these phenotypic descriptions of your pathogen.Body Paragraph 1Is this bacteria ONLY pathogenic or does it reside as a normal part of the Human Microbiome? If it is also a nonpathogenic resident microbe, what conditions create the pathogenic state? (We use the term “opportunistic pathogen” to describe this type of pathogen).Body Paragraph 2Describe the mode of action of the antibiotic class used to control this bacteria.ConclusionSummarize the topics you described and explain how the characteristics of your pathogen can be used to control it.(please add a reference page)