Solved by a verified expert:Question 1Cytoplasmic division of animal cells is accomplished by: Select one:a. Fusing of wall building vesiclesb. cleavage furrowc. cell plate formationd. All of the abovee. None of the aboveQuestion 2In mitosis, a diploid parent cell can produce: Select one:a. four haploid spermatids.b. one haploid ovum and three polar bodies.c. two diploid daughter cells.d. four diploid daughter cells.Question 3During mitosis, sister chromatids are separated during Select one:a. prophaseb. interphasec. metaphased. anaphasee. telophaseQuestion 4The constricted area of a chromosome where spindle microtubules attach is the: Select one:a. centromereb. centriolec. spindle poled. nucleosomeQuestion 5Meiosis typically results in the production of Select one:a. 2 diploid cells.b. 4 diploid cells.c. 4 haploid cells.d. 2 haploid cells.e. 1 triploid cell.Question 6The sister chromatids become separated during ____ of meiosis. Select one:a. metaphase Ib. anaphase Ic. telophase Id. anaphase IIe. prophase IIQuestion 7During meiosis, pairing of homologous chromosomes and crossing over occur during Select one:a. anaphase I.b. metaphase II.c. prophase I.d. prophase II.e. telophase II.Question 8Sexual reproduction Select one:a. leads to uniform characteristics in a population.b. results in genetic variation.c. produces genetic clones.d. requires less tissue differentiation than asexual reproduction.e. produces genetic clones and requires less tissue differentiation than asexual reproduction.Question 9Cancer cells vary from normal cells by Select one:a. ability to form malignant tumorsb. ability to spread or metastasize.c. having uncontrolled growthd. becoming transformed due to genetic changee. All of the aboveQuestion 10Four of the five answers listed below are characteristic of meiosis. Select the exception. Select one:a. involves two divisionsb. reduces the number of chromosomesc. results in producing genetically identical cellsd. produces haploid cellse. occurs in the gonadsQuestion 11Unlike mitosis, meiosis:Select one:a. has two cell divisions.b. does not make exact copies of the original cell.c. includes crossing over.d. all of these choices.Question 12The chromosome number of a human sperm cell is: Select one:a. half that of a kidney (body) cell.b. half that of an ovum (female reproductive cell).c. twice that of a kidney cell.d. twice that of an ovum.Question 13During meiosis I, __________ separate; during meiosis II, __________ separate. Select one:a. homologous chromosomes, sister chromatidsb. sister chromatids, homologous chromosomesc. sister cells, gametesd. DNA double helices, DNA double helices