Solved by a verified expert:Chapters8 and 10: Home Air and Water PollutionClass Activity #2Title:You say I am breathing and drinking…what?StudentInstructionsby week:Week 4:*Consider the SOURCES of indoor/home generated air and waterpollution while stressing societal, environmental, and/or human healthIMPACTS.*Perform research via a trustworthy medium; such as, valid internet sitesor books.*Post to the discussion board by the deadline at least one original andtwo astute reply posts. Two of your posts must include a reputablereference for full credit. For example, you can include an internet link tothe source of the information you obtained with a brief summary of theimportant points that support your view.Week 5:*Evaluate ALTERNATIVES and SOLUTIONS to the issue of indoorair/home water pollution through research utilizing reputable sources.*Make at least 3 insightful posts concerning the topic of the week. Forfull credit, at least one must include a valid reference source.GradingSummary:For full credit:Initial post should be made as early in the week as possible andadditional posts must be made on different days if more than one isrequired. Posts must be free of grammatical errors, includereferences when required, and must be tactful and insightful innature.