Solved by a verified expert:Question 27 Consider an ecosystem that hosts a population of plants, herbivores and a carnivorous predator. Consider one of the plant species that is consumed by the herbivores. Which major change to the ecosystem will probably not change this plant population. (Choose the best answer)1.Big decrease in Precipitation2.Big decrease in the predator population.3.Big increase in the salinity of the water supply.4.Big increase in the herbivore population.5.All of the above will impact the plant population.3.78 points Question 28 Natural selection due to predation and female mate choice effect the evolution of male guppy coloration1.causing male populations to become more colorful over time.2.causing male populations to become more drab over opposing ways.4.not at all.3.78 points Question 29 Where does photosynthesis occur in a pine tree:1.In the sporophylls of a cone.2.In the needles of a fascicle.3.In the xylem of the stem.4.In the seed.5.In the mesospore.3.78 points Question 30 In which part of the circulatory system do body tissues exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with the blood?1.the heart2.the arteries3.the veins4.the lungs5.the capillaries3.78 points Question 31 Wheat, corn, and rice are important food crops. They are also examples of1.Gymnosperms2.Monocots3.Dicots4.Heterotrophs5.None of the above3.78 points Question 32Chromosomes with dominant alleles on them always travel farther in electrophoresis.TrueFalse3.78 points Question 33 Regarding flower anatomy, which is the correct statement:1.The ovary becomes the fruit.2.The stigma becomes the seed.3.The ovule produces the petals.4.The carpel produces sperm cells.