Solved by a verified expert:For your SLP, you have been asked to teach an anatomy and physiology course for a local vocational nursing school. In order to do this, you are going to need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation that will be used in your lectures.In this second SLP, you will prepare a presentation, consisting of 15 slides, in which you provide your audience with information on the following areas:Choose a cranial nerve to discuss in detail and describe its function including the origination in the brain, the path it follows through the skull, its innervation (what body part it serves), and whether its function is sensory, motor, or both.Include unlabeled diagrams of the pathway from the brain through the opening(s) in the skull to the organ(s) it innervates. Label the diagram yourself using textboxes and arrows to identify the region of the brain from which the nerve originates the foramen (or foramina) and cranial bone(s) through which it passes, and the organ(s) that it innervates.Don’t forget–the speaker notes should be sufficient in depth and breadth to demonstrate to me that you understood the topics under consideration in this module! Use the resources provided on your bookshelf in the ebrary to get your research started! For example, Cranial Nerves in Health and Disease is an essential place to start!