Solved by a verified expert:Chapter 8Prokaryotic genome structure (chromosome features, origin of replication, operons, genes)DNA replication (semiconservative, and relationship to genome structure)Operon model of transcriptional regulation (inducible, repressible and catabolite repression)Be able to transcribe a gene and translate a mRNAMutations (types and effects: on protein products and on protein function)Nucleoside analogsHorizontal Gene Transfer: Conjugation, transduction and transformationRole of recombination in horizontal gene transferChapter 9Cloning a genePCR: components required, process, thermal cyclingRestriction enzymes, how they work, how they are used, their normal cellular purposeCloning vectors (selection, restriction sites, origin of replication)Chapter 13HPVOncogenic viruses, oncogenes and tumor suppressor genesReplication of dsDNA viruses, ssRNA viruses, dsRNA viruses, and retroviruses