Solved by a verified expert:The Cost of Worksite WellnessConsider the following scenario:You are the worksite wellness manager of a health care organization in tight economic times. You realize the organization must make budget cuts. The worksite wellness program seems to be a money pit, and the CFO is encouraging the organizational leader to have it dropped.Write a one- to two-page professional letter to the CFO justifying the value of your program. Use a bit of creativity. Address the following in your letter:What positive behavior changes due to your worksite wellness program can you show?What cost savings can you show?How might you change the program to produce better financial outcomes?Remember, the CFO is finance-oriented, so he or she will want to hear facts that support your justification. Search for articles on this subject to support your statements, and gather statistics that show real dollar-cost savings.Provide complete APA reference page for your resources and cite resources in text.