Solved by a verified expert:Ch. 281. Teenage pregnancy is a phenomenon threatening the health of young women and our society. Young teenagers are less likely to have a healthy baby than women in their 20s. Teenage mothers are also much less likely to have the material means to provide for their children. Low self-esteem is often cited as the chief cause of early pregnancy. There has been a decline in the average age of onset of puberty throughout this century (see Saladin section on the current age of this). Some authorities believe that the change may be due to better general nutrition (although, as always, there is argument!). Would you provide your inside to the consequences of this earlier onset age to society and to the individual.Ch. 291. Suppose a drug were developed that could slow down the rate of collagen cross-linking with age. What diseases of old age could be made less severe with such a drug?2. Some health-food stores market the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) as an oral antioxidant to retard senescence. Explain why it would be a waste of your money to buy it.