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Study: The Hard Rocking Guitar player with Complaints of Joint Pain
35-year-old guitar player comes in to the clinic with complaints of joint pain
for the past few months. He has
nation-wide tour coming up next week, so he has been practicing more than usual
for the past few months. He played to
sellout crowds last year, and is extremely focused on putting on the best
possible show this year. He particularly
complains of wrist and palm pain after long practice sessions. He does not generally have pain in the
morning. He is well appearing, and his
general physical exam is normal. The
joint exam does not find any swelling, though his palms and wrists are tender
to palpation (touch). Both wrists extend past 90 degrees (this is a perfectly
normal range of motion). The guitar
player is diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. It is your job to do some research pertaining
to carpal tunnel syndrome, and answer the following ten questions below.
1) What is carpal tunnel syndrome?
2) What is the carpal tunnel? Which bones contribute to the carpal tunnel?
3) Describe the normal possible movement
of the wrist joint.
4) What causes carpal tunnel syndrome?
5) Which structures are typically involved
with carpal tunnel syndrome?
6) How is carpal tunnel syndrome typically
7) What type of activities typically
aggravate carpal tunnel syndrome?
8) What type of prognosis (outcome) is
typical for a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome?
9) What can this guitar player do in order
to keep playing his guitar and not aggravate his carpal tunnel syndrome?
you have ever had joint pain before, how have you treated it? What type of things brought you relief? If you have never had joint pain before, find
someone who has and describe how they treated it.