Solved by a verified expert:Liz is a seventy-year-old woman who is both a wife and a mother. She is moderately obese (BMI 32), and has smoked a half a pack to a pack of cigarettes a day since she was 16 years old.Liz awakes one morning withweakness on her right side. She is confused, sees double, and has slurred speech. She stumbles and has anawkward gait trying to get to the restroom, where she collapses. Her husband calls 911 and Liz is transported tothe hospital.Upon physical examination, Liz is found to have partial paralysis (hemiparesis) on her right side anddiminished sensitivity to a pin prick on her arm and right side of her face. She has difficulty answeringquestions, speaking only a few words which are slurred and grammatically incorrect. Her ability to respond toverbal commands, whether spoken or written, is not impaired. In addition, her blood pressure is high (148/anda serum lipid profile that was ordered when she first arrived at the hospital has come back with a high LDL andtotal cholesterol level.Based on this case answer the following questions:a) What is a stroke?b) Describe the mechanisms by which strokes can occur.c) List the risk factors that predispose an individual to suffer a stroke.d) List at least three classical signs of strokee) What type of aphasia does Liz display? Explain how you came to this conclusion.f) Based on the historical and physical exam findings, what is the possible cause for Liz’s stroke and whatspecific areas of the brain have been damaged as a result of her stroke?