Solved by a verified expert:Summarize article in 1large paragraph. Then just extrapolate using BiologyII (2nd semester)- Evolution section related concepts in particular only. 2 page writing assignment relating an article found from a current popular media source (newspaper, magazine article, online editorials that were written within the last couple of years) to a topic we covered in lecture. In addition to reading and summarizing the article (1 paragraph max), you will be expected to compare and contrast the article to topics/themes discussed in lecture.1. Summary paragraph: (5 pts) (MAX 1 PARAGRAPH Summarizing)a. Provide a link to the original article (1 pt)b. Summarize the original article clearly: What is the news article about? What were the scientists studying, their methods and their findings? (4 pts)2. Expansion paragraphs: (15 pts)a. How is it related to one or more of lecture topics? (5 pts)b. Comment / critique the study and article (5 pts)c. Creativity / readability (5 pts)3. Some suggestions for the expansion paragraphs:a. What are the scientists’ next step / future direction?b. Based on your understanding of the topic, what questions do you have for the scientists?c. Does writing about this topic help you understand the topic better?