Solved by a verified expert:Biology 106 Epistasis/Sex linked TraitsAnswer each question in the space provided (in your own words of course). There is more than ample space for the answers. Don’t worry if your answer doesn’t take up the entire space!!  Remember to use your name and the assignment name for the file name.1. Marfan syndrome is a dominant disorder. In the cross Mm x mm, what percentage of the children are expected to inherit the disorder? Explain your answer.2. How does non-disjunction cause Down syndrome? What is specifically happening in which process to cause this disorder?3a. Labrador retrievers coat color is controlled by two genes. For the cross bbEe x BbEe, list the gametes produced by each parent.3b. What color puppies will this cross produce?3c. List the percentage for each color from this cross.4a. Why are there more males with red/green colorblindness than females?4b. If Xc denotes the colorblindness allele and X denotes the normal vision allele; From the cross XcX x XY What percentage of boys will be colorblind? What percentage of girls will be colorblind?5. Shown below is an incomplete pedigree for color blindness within a family. Individuals with “?” provide no information for their phenotype. For all other individuals their genotype is evident from the diagram. From the information provided determine the genotypes and phenotypes for all individuals. Using the numbers in the diagram below, fill in the table that follows. You must determine which individuals are carriers and or afflicted from the information provided.IndividualGenderGenotypePhenotype (Normal/Carrier/Colorblind)123456786. Explain your determination of which individuals are carriers.