Solved by a verified expert:In a metabolic pathway, a typical control mechanism isQuestion 8 options:Positive feedbackNegative feedback.Neutral feedbackA lack of reactant stimulate the pathway.Mitosis results in ______ cells and meiosis results in _______ cells.Question 9 options:haploid, diploiddiploid, haploiddiploid, diploidhaploid, haploiQuestion 10 (1 point) In beans yellow (Y) is dominant to green (y) and smooth (S) is dominant to wrinkled (s). What are the possible genotypes for the offspring of the following cross: YySS and YYSs.Question 10 options:YYSS, YYss, yySS, yyssYS, yS, YS, ySYy, SS, YY, SsYYSS, YySS, YYSs, YySsQuestion 11 (1 point) Red rose color is incompletely dominant over white rose color. If a red rose is crossed with a pink rose, what percentage of the offspring will be pink?Question 11 options:100755025Question 12 (1 point) One of the products of cellular respiration is ________.Question 12 options:watersucrosecelluloseoxygenQuestion 13 (1 point) An ecologist is studying all the animals, plants, fungi and bacteria, as well as the interaction among them, in a forest? He is studying the _________ in the forest.Question 13 options:nichebiomecommunitypopulationQuestion 14 (1 point) The temperature optimum for an enzyme is 37C. What will most likely happen if you increase the temperature from 37C to 50C?Question 14 options: The enzyme activity will not be affected The enzyme activity will increase The enzyme activity will decrease The pH will increase