Solved by a verified expert:Review the following meat and dairy illness outbreaks and pick one as the topic for your case study analysis.Schwann’s Ice creamJohn Barr Wishaw butcher shopWyeth Nutritionals Powdered Infant FormulaWright County Egg of Galt IowaPilgrim’s Pride Sliceable TurkeyConAgra Pot PiesCadbury’s ChocolateStudent choice- approval must be given by instructor firstResearch the outbreak using at least 3 sources as references.In a two to three page Word document, analyze the outbreak and include:The timeline of the outbreakHow the outbreak progressed, i.e. its pattern or epidemiologyCause of contaminationFactors that contributed to the outbreak – human error, animal behavior, government involvement or lack of involvementAnalysis of the microbiology involved – What pathogens were found? What measures were taken to end the outbreak?Results – What impact was there on the companies and people involved? Did any new policies, procedures or scientific research occur as a result of the outbreak?APA REVERNCE STYLE