Solved by a verified expert:Week 1 discussion
The Scientific Method Tutorial
Course Outcomes:
recognize and explain how the scientific method is used to
solve problems
make observations and discriminate between scientific and
pseudoscientific explanations
Click on Course Content, Science Learning Center, The
Scientific Method Tutorial, Button 4: The Scientific Method
Work through the entire Scientific Method Tutorial, then
pick one (1) of the following 3 options:
Option 1: Stating a Good Hypothesis
Read step 2: The hypothesis
Answer the following questions:
What is a hypothesis?
How is a hypothesis different from a theory in science?
Describe an example of how you may use the scientific method
in your daily life and state a good hypothesis for that example.
Which hypothesis did you first pick in the “Recognizing
a good hypothesis” activity in the scientific method tutorial? Why? If
any, which mistake(s) did you make when picking a hypothesis?
Include “Hypothesis” in the title of your post.
Option 2: Designing a Good Experiment
Read Step 3: Testing a Hypothesis
Answer the following questions:
What is a control and why is it an important part of an
experiment? Provide an example of a control.
What is the difference between the control and controlled
Why is it important that scientists are aware of the
controlled variables in an experiment?
What are independent and dependent variables? Provide an
example of each.
What did you learn from the “jelly bean” activity
about sample size in experiments?
Include “Experimental Design” in the title of your
Option 3: Writing a Good Conclusion
Read Step 5: Stating Conclusions
Answer the following questions about the “E.coli kills
cancer” article:
Which conclusions did the scientists make from the described
Which information about the experiments do you believe is
missing in the article?
Where would you look to find this missing information?
Is the title of the article accurate? Why or why not?
Do you believe this is science or pseudoscience? Explain
your answer.
Include “Conclusion” in the title of your post.