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HOMEWORK 1 (15pts total)

1. (3pts) Put the following in the correct sequence to
show the general path in which genetic information “flows” from genes
to traits: DNA, protein, RNA, trait, transcription, translation.

2. MATCHING (5pts)

E Are
primary cellular organelles where proteins are assembled

D Extract energy stored in carbohydrates; synthesize ATP; produce
water and CO2

B Transcribe, translate hereditary instructions into specific

C Contain enzymes for intracellular digestion

A Package cellular secretions for export

Golgi Bodies

RNA Molecules




3. TRUE OR FALSE (1pt) The PCR process begins with denaturing,
followed by extension and annealing.

4. Is it possible that the DNA from the
human remains belongs to the parents represented in the photo? Why/Why not?

5. What is the
difference between STRs and SNPs? (2pts)

6. TRUE OR FALSE Dried samples that may contain DNA cannot be
collected from a crime scene. (1pt)