Solved by a verified expert:BIO354: Cell Biology LaboratoryLaboratory Quiz 0102. MeSH is acronymous for _____.A. Mnemonic search heuristicsB. Medical subject headingC. Mathematical / scientific hybridD. Method for statistical holistics03. Distinguish between a dependent variable and an independent variable. 04. Most requests through ILL are processed within _____.A. ten secondsB. twenty-four hoursC. three daysD. two weeks05. Which of the following is not a technique of microscopy?A. fluorescenceB. parfocal refraction alignmentC. phase contrastD. differential-interference contrast06. What is the source of the animal epithelial cells of which you will prepare a wetmount today? 07. In microscopy, "resolution" refers to the ability to _____.A. see two particles as distinct imagesB. adjust the magnification of the imageC. selectively stain certain cellular structures, making them stand out againstthe background.D. measure samples with a calibrated reticle08. Explain why there is no need to stain your slide preparation of Elodea cells. Never assume completeness without checking the reverse. 09. Under high magnification, improved imaging can be accomplished with thetechnique of ____________________ immersion.