Solved by a verified expert:Dihybrid CrossWithout looking, remove two beads from Beaker #1 and two beads from Beaker #2. These four beads represent the color and texture genotypes for Individual #1. Record this information below.Repeat Step 13 to obtain the genotype of Individual #2. A. What are their phenotypes?B. What is the genotype of the gametes they can produce?Set up a Punnett square and determine the genotypes and phenotypes for this cross. A. What is your predicted ratio of genotypes? (Hint: Think back to the dihybrid cross example…)Repeat this process four more times (five total). A. How similar are the observed phenotypes in each replicate?B. How similar are they if you pool your data from each of the five replicates?C. Is it closer or further from your prediction?D. Did the results from the monohybrid or dihybrid cross most closely match your predicted ratio of phenotypes?E. Based on these results; what would you expect if you were looking at a cross of 5, 10, 20 independently sorted genes?