Solved by a verified expert:Course: Ecology. Please an Ecology expert (University) only who knows about data patterns of water chemistry, water depth and species abundances across three mail successional zones at Volo Bog. And how the data can be analyzed, graphed, and used to provide insight into some of the hypotheses for how physical conditions , plant identity, and plant species, diversity changes within the bog.The topic of field trip lab report is VOLO BOG ANALYSIS.Background information about Volo Bog is attached and objectives of the lab. (The methods used in this field trip is written.)Every little detail of how to write the lab report is attachedAll the Data is attached which you would need to analyze (Excel sheet is attached)How to analyze the data instruction is also attachedSome additional info:Minimum (6) google or any book SCHOLARLY ECOLOGICAL RELATED SOURCES WHICH RELATES TO THE CONCEPT. (only scholarly sources)Tell the report as a story (see how to write the lab report document for more details)keep it briefAbstractIntroduction- hypothesis, questions, bigger picture of the lab reportMethods- (1 page max)Results- Graphs and Statistical test) (Chi Square test)Discussion(detailed instructions are attached in how to write lab report document)4 Hypothesis (see data analyze document)