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Compare the embryos of chickens, humans and fish, and describe in
detail how pharyngeal arches show a shared evolutionary past?
Explain how reproductive barriers result in the development of
different species.
Explain what is meant by the statement, evolution does not have a
Explain why you would or would not expect evolution to proceed
more quickly in a rapidly changing environment. Be sure to address all five
agents of evolutionary change in your response.
Explain why penicillin, once a widely used and effective
antibiotic, is now no longer effective against penicillin-resistant bacteria.
6. We all know that bacteria are capable of
causing serious illnesses. Research has now shown that bacteria are helpful in
many more ways than had previously been known. How is your life influenced by
helpful bacteria?
Present your view of the early conditions on earth that might
have affected the traits of organisms living in that environment and how life
may have formed. Explain how extremophiles represent examples of those
prions and viroids are non-living organisms that require a living cellular host
in order to reproduce. They cannot do it on their own. These parasites may be
just a string of RNA, as in a viroid, or a length of DNA enclosed in a protein
shell, as in a virus.Is it
possible that these parasites may be links to the earliest days of the
beginning of life on this planet?

Post your primary
response and support your statements with references.
Your primary post should be at least 125
words or so. Be sure to cite your
references in American Psychological Association (APA) style in-text and
include the full APA style reference information at the end of the document.