Solved by a verified expert:Part 1

Are they any similarities or
connections between these seven individuals? What questions would you want to
ask the families to answer these questions?
In your opinion, are these
seven deaths connected? Why or why not?

Part 2

your knowledge of the function of organelles, what function of the cells was
interrpreted in these patients? Could this loss of function lead to the death
of these individuals? Why or why not?
the data in the autopsy, were there any reports that seemed inconsistent with
the immediate cause of death?

Part 3
For each metabolite listed
in the table, describe its role in cellular respiration? Are they substrates or
products? What s their main function?
Are they any abnormalities
inthe levels of these metabolites in the victims? Develop a hypothesis about
which pathway may be affected based on these abnormalities.
Explain your reasoning for
your hypothesis.

Part 4

What affect would cyanide
have on the electron transport chain and the production of ATP?

Given what you now know
about the action of cyanide on cellular respiration, explain why the patients
died of lack of oxygen while their blood oxygen level were normal?

Would artificial respiration
or oxygenation have saved these people? Why or why not?

Looking back at the
information you have about the people before the got sick, can you suggest a
possible source of the cyanide poisoning? How should public health officials
and police respond to this tragedy?