Solved by a verified expert:The essay exam consists of fifteen questions. All questions must be answered in full sentences. Answers should be approximately 125 words each. Must have APA citations at the end of each question1 Explain the classification system used in biology to organize living creatures. Pick two organisms from each Kingdom and explain why they are placed in that kingdom.2 There are four unique properties of water that make it central to life on earth. Explain, in detail, each of these four properties.3 Explain the forces and mechanisms that are at work making a Staphyloccus infection an increasingly serious health threat.4 Explain why an individual organism is not able to evolve, but may contribute to evolution.5 Explain the difference between an ionic bond and a covalent bond.6 Compare the inputs and outputs of photosynthesis with the inputs and outputs of cellular respiration.7 What are the sex chromosomes and how do they differ between male and female?8 Compare the products of mitosis with the products of meiosis.9 What are five methods of cancer prevention?10 Explain how reproductive barriers result in the development of different species.11 How does Basilosaurus provide evidence of evolution?12 Explain how excavating sediments reveals an ordered series of fossils.13 Explain why taking antibiotics helps cures “Strep throat”, but does not help cure the common cold or the flu.14 Explain how natural selection drives evolution.15 Describe the force that allows a “water strider” or “water walker” insect to stay on top of the water.