Solved by a verified expert:Overall Expectations:SIV.01demonstrate scientific investigation skills (related to both inquiry and research) in the four areas of skills (initiating and planning, performing and recording, analysing and interpreting, and communicating);GPV.02 investigate genetic processes, including those that occur during meiosis, and analyse data to solve basic genetics problems involving monohybrid and dihybrid crosses.Specific Expectations:SI1.12use appropriate numeric (e.g., SI and imperial units), symbolic and graphic modes of representation (e.g., biological diagrams, Punnette square);GP2.03 use the Punnett square method to solve basic genetics problems involving monohybrid crosses, incomplete dominance, codominance, dihybrid crosses, and sex?linked genes [PR, AI, C].Genetics Problems1-Albinism (lack of pigment) is caused by a recessive allele in humans. If normal parents have an albino child, what is the probability that their next child will be normal for pigment?2-Assume brown eyes are dominant over blue eyes. A brown-eyed man marries a blue eyed woman. Explain how the genotype of the man can be determined.3-A man with blue eyes mates a woman heterzygous for brown eyes. What is the probability of them having a blue eyed child?4-Two white sheep produce a black offspring. What must the parents’ genotype for colour be? What is the probability that the next offspring will be black?5-Straight wings are dominant over curly wings in fruit flies. Explain how you would determine whether a straight-winged fly is heterozygous or homozygous.6-Red fruit is dominant to yellow fruit in tomatoes. Tallness is dominant to shortness in these plants as well. What phenotypic and genotypic ratios would you predict for the offspring of parent plants, one of which is homozygous red and homozygous short while the other is heterozygous red and tall?7-In guinea pigs, black coat is due to a dominant gene while white is recessive. Short hair is dominant to long hair. A guinea pig which is heterozygous for black coat and short hair is crossed with a guinea pig which is homozygous recessive for both traits. Predict the outcome of the F1 generation.8-Pea plants that are heterozygous for both stem length (Tt) (T = tall and t = short) and pod shape (Rr) (R = round and r = wrinkled) are crossed with each other. What are the phenotypes of these parents? State the phenotypes of the parents. What are the possible phenotypes of their offspring? Give the probability of each phenotype.9-White carnations are crossed with red carnations. Both white and red alleles show I incomplete dominance. Give the genotype of the parent flowers and the genotype and phenotype of the offspring.10-Could a man with type B blood and a woman with type AB blood produce a child with type O blood? Explain.11-In a cross between a white-eyed female fruit fly and red-eyed male, what percent of the female offspring will have white eyes? (White eyes are X-linked, recessive)