Solved by a verified expert:1-From the choices below,select all applicable answers to the following question: Why are non-vascular plants often restricted to moist habitats?Motile sperm require water to swim to nearby eggsDependence of the gametophyte generation on the sporophyte generationLack of true vascular tissue.Lack of a cuticle2-The following image shows a magnified view of the underside of a fern frond (leaf). The dark colored “spots” on the bottom of the frond are special reproductive structures known as _____ . These structures are clusters of ______ that produce ________ by _________.Rhizoids, roots, spores, meiosisSori, sporangia, spores, meiosisSporangia, spores, sperm/eggs, mitosisSori, gametophytes, spores, meiosis3-Heterospory differs from Homospory by having ____ types of spores. The male spores are produced in the _____ by mitosis while the female spores are produced in the _______. In lab you will see an example of one type of heterosporous plant, _________.1, Antheridium, Oogonium, Lycopodium2, Antheridium, Archegonium, Selaginella2, Microsporangium, Megasporangium, Selaginella2, Antheridium, Archegonium, Equisetum2, Microsporangium, Megasporangium, Equisetum