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Unit 2 Take Home Essays

1. What are chemo heterotrophs and how do they obtain
energy? Name and describe three other ways organisms obtain energy. Why do you
think so many different ways of obtaining energy evolved?
2. Give examples of organisms that are prokaryotes and
eukaryotes. What “entity-organism” does not fit in either category? Describe
three main differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes. What supports the
idea that prokaryotes were involved in the evolution and eukaryotes by means of
3. A recent revival in the antievolutionary
“intelligent design” argument holds that biochemical pathways are too complex
to have evolved, because all intermediate steps are a given pathway must be
present to produce the final product. Critique this argument. How could you use
the diversity of metabolic pathways that produce the same or similar products
to support your case?

4. Scientific evidence indicates that the CO2 added to
the air by burning of wood and fossil fuels is contributing to global warming.
What is global warming? Why is this process so dangerous to the world we live
in? Tropical rain forests are estimated to be responsible for approximately 20%
of global photosynthesis, yet the consumption of large amounts of CO2 by living
trees is thought to make little or not net
contribution of reduction of global warming. Why might this be?
1. You are researching
function of a gene. How can you tell if it is an oncogene or tumor suppressor?
3. Discuss the ways a
proto-oncogene can become an oncogene and promote cancer. (200-300 words)