Solved by a verified expert:BIO 115 – DIETARY ANALYSIS REFLECTION PAPERThe goal for this assignment is to reflect on everything you have learnedthroughout the semester and relate it specifically to what you have learnedduring the dietary analysis project. In addition to reviewing your dietaryanalyses, you will be asked to research your family history and relate yourspecific nutrient needs with any potential risks for disease. Read thefollowing directions and write a minimum 1,000 word reflective essay onyour personal nutrition and health, considering both quantity and quality ofnutrient intake, physical fitness, and family risks.Diet and HealthThroughout the semester, we have learned how nutrition is closely related to health. Thestatistics speak for themselves:Four of the ten leading causes of death in the US are directly related to nutrition.These four conditions account for two-thirds of the nation’s two million deaths eachyear.Two out of every three adults in the US are overweight or obese, which is emergingas the most important contributor to ill health.You and Your Family HistoryIn the dietary analysis project, you recorded your own personal dietary intake andcompared it to the DRI recommendations. In this assignment, you will research your familyhistory and evaluate your own personal health. In this section, include the followinginformation about you and your family:List any specific diseases that your parents and grandparents may have/had such asdiabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc.If applicable, list the age at which they died and cause of deathConsider the body weight of your parents and grandparents – were theyunderweight, overweight, or obese?Calculate your own Estimated Energy Requirement (EER) and compare it to yourweekly average calorie intake in your dietary logList your personal BMI and an interpretation of your BMIList any chronic diseases that you suffer fromYour Diet and Health ConnectionTaking everything you have learned this semester into consideration, address the following:Research each of your familial diseases and determine if there is a nutrition link toeach disease. Based on your own family history, summarize what you have learnedabout nutrition and how it relates to your own personal risk for each disease.Considering your personal dietary log and your analyses of the energy-yieldingnutrients, evaluate your overall energy intake. Are you satisfied with your weeklyaverage calorie intake? How does your calorie intake compare to your own BMI? Howdoes your calorie intake compare to your physical activity level?Lifestyle ChangesIn the final section of your paper, reflect on everything you have learned this semesterincluding nutrition, physical fitness, chronic diseases, and family history.Are there any lifestyle changes that need to made to reduce your risk of the familydiseases described above?Propose a strategy for resolving any nutrient deficiencies or excesses related tospecific chronic diseases.Elaborate on whether you think you will be successful in these lifestyle changes. Arethere any specific hurdles you anticipate with these changes?