Solved by a verified expert:Which of the following
statements about photosynthesis is NOT correct?
Question 7 options:

The light reactions
produce ATP from sunlight energy

The products of
photosynthesis are used as reactants in cellular respiration

The products of
cellular respiration are used as reactants in photosynthesis

Water is used during
photosynthesis to capture the electrons released from excited chlorophyll

The products of the
light reactions of photosynthesis are used to produce sugars in the Calvin cycle

Which of the following
organisms are capable of cellular respiration?
Question 10 options:

Poplar Trees

Portabella Mushrooms

Polar Bears

Brown Algae

All of these organisms
are capable of cellular respiration

Consider a cell that
underwent mitosis but not cytokinesis. What would the result be?
Question 11 options:

One cell with one
nucleus containing twice the normal number of chromosomes

One cell with two
nuclei, each containing a normal number of chromosomes

Two daughter cells that
are unusually small

Two daughter cells with
no nucleus

Two daughter cells with
twice the number of chromosomes

In humans, the allele for
dimples (D) is dominant. The allele for not having dimples (d) is recessive. If
a woman (DD) and a man (Dd) have four children, how many of the children will
not have dimples?
Question 12 options:






What is a recessive
Question 17 options:

A trait that not
everyone in your family share

A trait only
visible when organisms are heterozygous for the responsible gene

A trait that a person
carries but that does not affect the phenotype

A trait that appears
when a person has two recessive alleles for that gene

The least common
variation of that trait in a population

This is a Tomato Hornworm, the caterpillar
stage of the five-spotted hawkmoth (Manducaquinquemaculata). The
white objects protruding from the back of the caterpillar are wasp eggs. When
the larvae hatch they will feed on the worm.Which term best describes the
relationship between the wasps and the Tomato hornworms?
Question 21 options:





Why do some scientists
argue that viruses are non-living?
Question 23 options:

Viruses evolve

Viruses are able to

Viruses have an
organized and complex structure

Viruses are not made of

Which of the following activities decreases
greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?
Question 24 options:

A ) Cutting down trees.

B ) Driving gasoline
powered vehicles.

C ) Using electricity
from coal-powered plants.

D ) Planting trees.

E ) Heating your home.

How does high heat impact
most enzymes?
Question 25 options:

Enzyme activity is
decreased due to hydrolysis

Enzymes are inactivated
due to denaturation

Enzyme activity is
increased due to saturation

Since enzymes are
temperature independent activity will remain the same.

31. *Include a citation for
any information obtained from an outside source. Please remember that all
long answers must be in your own words.
Consider the food web for Lake Erie shown
Give a detailed analysis of this food web. Be
sure to address the following in your analysis:

a description of the
producers and consumers (you do not need to list every organism, but give
a few examples along with what makes an organism fall into one class or
the other)
energy movement
through the food web
the number of trophic
levels found in this food web
which organisms most
efficiently utilize the resources
the way in which of
one biogeochemical cycles interacts with the ecosystem of this food web
how humans can
negatively impact this food web

32. A graduate student injects 10 mice with a
chemical compound commonly found in the environment and finds that all of his
animals die within a few days. Eager to publish his results, the student comes
to you, his adviser. What would you suggest the student do before publishing
his results? Help him design a controlled experiment. State a good hypothesis,
describe the experiment, identify the control group, independent, dependent and
controlled variables.
33.The brown bracts of the plant Monotropsisodorata resemble
leaf litter, which affords them protection from predators. Describe four
characteristics of life you could identify to distinguish these plants from the
dead leaves they mimic.
34. At the beginning of the spring, Dr. Alice Whittlesby notices that
there is an equal distribution of long and short stemmed buttercups in the
vacant lot across the street from her house as well as in her own
backward. By the end of the summer she notes that there are mostly long
stemmed buttercups in the lot, but mostly short stemmed buttercups in her
yard. These observations are examples of what biological principle?
Develop a hypothesis to explain Dr. Whittlesby’s observations.