Solved by a verified expert:ASSIGNMENT IIBIOL1010 OnlineIntroduction to Biology IThe following questions for you to answer are to prepare you for thetypes of questions encountered on exams. Please upload the answers toyour instructor by the appropriate due date.1. Describe what happens to a red blood cell when placed into ahypertonic solution. Provide an explanation for why this happened.What would happen if the cell was placed into a hypotonic solution?2. What is energy? Why is ATP so important?3. Identify and discuss the two stages of photosynthesis, making sure todiscuss what organelle is responsible for photosynthesis, the locationthe stages take place, what is being reduced and oxidized, and howATP is being produced.4. What is the relationship between the light reactions and the Calvincycle? Why is photosynthesis so important to feeding the world?5. First, discuss what an enzyme is and how it functions. Next, explainhow extremes of pH and temperature can affect enzyme activity.6. What is an herbicide and how does it work?7. Identify and discuss the three stages of cellular respiration, making sureto discuss what organelle is critical, where these reactions take place,what is being reduced and oxidized, and how ATP is being produced.8. Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic respiration. Discuss theanaerobic respiratory process that is carried out in humans and whylactic acid is so important during vigorous exercise. 9. Compare and contrast facilitated diffusion and active transport.10. When agricultural fields are irrigated a small amount of salts arepresent in the water that is released into the field. When that waterevaporates, the salts are left behind and can accumulate in the soil.Explain how this will ultimately affect a plant’s ability to absorb the waterit needs to carry out photosynthesis and move nutrients through itssystem.If you fax any portion of this assignment, please put your name and yourinstructor’s name on each page.