Solved by a verified expert:Topic: Systemic Pathophysiology of the Urinary System and Fluid/Electrolyte ImbalancesObjective: Discuss a disease, condition or syndrome affecting the cardiovascular system and current research, events, or interesting facts about the disease/condition/syndrome.Instructions: select a disease, condition, or syndrome of the urinary system or disease, condition or syndrome that causes fluid/electrolyte imbalances that intrigues you the most (from the assigned reading or any disease/condition/syndrome of this system not covered in the reading) and address each of the following:1. Describe the disease/condition/syndrome and discuss its etiology, signs/symptoms, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.2. Discuss current research, events, or a fun/interesting fact as it pertains to this disease/condition/syndrome.3. Explain why you chose to discuss this particular disease/condition/syndrome.500 word are more.