Solved by a verified expert:Question 6 Annelida and Arthopoda both have:1.Jointed appendages.2.Antennae.3.Body segments or regions.4.Hydrostatic skeleton.3.78 points Question 7 You have been provided only the leaf of a fruit bearing plant and asked to make a general classification of what kind of plant it is. You notice that the leaf is green, about the size of your hand, and has a net of branched veins running through it. Your best bet is that the plant is1.a Gymnosperm2.A Monocot3.A Fungi4.A Dicot5.None of the aboveQuestion 8 Fungi growing on a dead log is best described as:1.Photosynthetic.2.Parasitic.3.Saprotrophic.4.Bryophytic.5.None of the above Question 9 Animals in the phylum Mollusca have:1.A muscular foot for movement.2.Bony skeleton.3.Wings.4.Mesoglea.Question 10 Earthworms belong to the phylum:1.Platyhelminthes.2.Nematoda.3.Annelida.4.Mollusca.