Solved by a verified expert:1:animal diversity?A:The island will lose all abiotic factors needed by plant and animal populations. B:The island’s ecosystem will recover due to primary succession. C:The island will lose all of the plant and animal populations of the island. D:The island will suffer a loss of native plant and animal species.2:A new builder wishes to purchase land from the city for a new housing development.What environmental parameters are most important to investigate before buying the property? A:The distance of the land to new construction and development B:The loss of habitat to endangered species that live in the area C:Profit potential for land purchase and the prices of other land in the area D:The costs of utility and wastewater set up for the new development3:The government wants to set new regulations that reduce carbon emissions from vehicles by half. How will this act help with the sustainability of our environment? A:It will increase the use of fossil fuels B:It will increase the costs of used vehicles C:It will decrease purchases of electric or hybrid cars. D:It will reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.4: Cuban tree frogs eat smaller native frogs in the Florida Everglades. What does this scenario represent? A: A loss of biodiversity due to a catastrophic event B: A gain in biodiversity due to human activity C: A loss of biodiversity due to an invasive species D: A gain in biodiversity due to climate change5: The storm gutters of a large city empty into an ocean bay. A mechanic shop, unable to afford proper disposal, begins dumping its used car fluids, like motor oil, into the gutters instead. How will this impact the marine life of the bay? A:The pollutants will not impact marine life in the bay. B:The pollutants will dissolve in the freshwater of the bay. C:The pollutants will disrupt oxygen absorption in fish. D:The pollutants will kill all marine mammals in the bay.6:If water vapor continued to increase in our atmosphere, what changes would you expect in freshwater lakes? A: Lake temperatures will decrease, but dissolved oxygen in the water will increase. B: Lake temperatures will decrease along with dissolved oxygen in the water. C: Lake temperatures will increase, but dissolved oxygen in the water will decrease.D: Lake temperatures will increase along with dissolved oxygen in the water.7:City officials are proposing a recycling program. They must examine the benefits to their community, not just the environment, to justify the costs of the program. What environmental and community benefits do you think would support the decision to start a recycling program?8: The school board wants to clear the forest surrounding the local high school to build more fields for high school sports. What environmental factors need to be investigated before clearing the land?9:Describe two ways to reduce air pollution and slow climate change.10: Why are detritivores important to energy transfer within an ecosystem?Be sure to answer this question in paragraph form using complete sentences.11: What problems would you expect to observe in an ecosystem without producers?Be sure to answer this question in paragraph form using complete sentences.