Solved by a verified expert:1).Which of the following pH values indicate an acid? 1. 6.97 2). 7.03 3). 8.76 3)9.22 4) 13.00 2).2).Given the following pH values which has the lowest concentration. a)6.67 b) 7,03 c)4.77 d)9.22 e) 13.003)Which of the following produce a colloid? a) water and salt b) water and sugar c) water and sand d) water and gelatin e) none 4))adding iodine solution to distilled water is an example of? a)positive control b) a negative control c)nuetral control d) a water control 5) Benedicts test on a glucose solution will result in a color. a) red orange b) violet purpule c) black d)clear e) light blue 6The biuret test was done to test for the present of? a) carbohydrates b)protein c) nucleic acids d) lipids7)Egg albuminin was used as a control for? a) glucose b) protein c) starch d) nucleic acids d) lipid8) In the present of starch iodine (iki solution) will trun a) blue b)red c) black d) amber e) clear.9) what causes the needle to float on water,the water to move up the capillary tube and the water to bead up? a)covalent bonds b) hydrogen bonds d)ionic bonds e) anti-gravity10) A solution with a pH of values 7 has ———- hydrogen ions as a pH of 8.a) the same number of b) 10 times more c) 10 times fewer d) 100 times more e) 100 time fewer