Solved by a verified expert:1. Help me to find an ad case.Case requirements:1. A real case (you need to provide at least one piece of evidence that you did notmake up the case, such as the URL link, or pictures of the ad, etc.)2. From recent 5 years (Generally after 2010)3. Has been released on at least 1 social media platform (Facebook ad, google ad,virtual world ad, etc). You also can choose product placement. The goal is toavoid any traditional media such as newspaper, television, radio, etc.4. Has to be able to link to at least one issue we talked about this semester (adthat involves children, elderly, minority, gender, any controversial products,social responsibility, etc.)2. Making proposal for conferenceHypothesis) famous events company in the UK hires you to work as a publicrelations intern for the special events division. The company is interested in buildingan innovative reputation in the U.S. for hosting a series of conferences on emergingissues that can have an effect on the lives of Americans.- What issue are you going to cover and who is going to attend this event?- Why is this important financially? (numbers on the market size, etc.)