Solved by a verified expert:All of the following characteristics are true for chordates, except _ (blank) _.Select one:a. postanal tailb. dorsal tubular nerve cordc. pharyngeal pouchesd. vertebral columne. notochord2. _ (blank) _ occurs when different courtship patterns lead to reproductive isolation.Select one:a. habitat isolationb. mechanical isolationc. gamete isolationd. behavioral isolatione. temporal isolation3. What is the result of breeding two closely related species?Select one:a. an alloploidb. a polyploidc. a hybridd. an autoploide. a sub-species4. What occurs when two different yet related species of plants hybridize?Select one:a. symploidyb. gametoploidyc. autoploidyd. alloploidye. zygoploidy5. What type of symmetry is seen in animals with definite right and left halves?Select one:a. radial symmetryb. spherical symmetryc. bilateral symmetryd. trilateral symmetrye. asymmetry6. During which geologic period was the majority of today’s coal produced?Select one:a. Devonianb. Cretaceousc. Jurassicd. Siluriane. Carboniferous7. If mules are fertile but their offspring are infertile, this is an example of reproductive isolation due to _ (blank) _.Select one:a. F2 fitnessb. hybrid sterilityc. zygote mortalityd. mechanical isolatione. temporal isolation8. What characteristic is shared by most different types of plants?Select one:a. embryo protectionb. seedsc. vascular tissued. flowerse. cones