Solved by a verified expert:1. All of the following are functions of the lymphatic system except it does not_______.Select one:a. Absorb excess fluid and return it to the bloodstreamb. Absorb fatsc. Produce lymphocytesd. Defend the body against pathogense. Transport gases throughout the body2. What portion of the antibody binds to an antigen?Select one:a. The variable portionb. The constant portionc. The heavy chain portiond. The variable and constant portione. The antigen receptor portion3. What is the source of energy for bonding between myosin and actin?Select one:a. ATPb. ADPc. Creatine phosphated. Lactic acide. Glycogen4. What has the greatest surface area for gas exchange?Select one:a. Tracheab. Bronchic. Bronchiolesd. Alveolie. Pharynx5. What type of joint is the knee?Select one:a. Immovable jointb. Fibrous jointc. Hinge jointd. Cartilaginous jointe. Ball-and-socket joint6. ________ occurs when air moves in and out by the same route.Select one:a. Inspiration ventilationb. Intercostal ventilationc. Expiratory ventilationd. Tidal ventilatione. Diaphragm ventilation7. What muscle does most of the work moving a bone?Select one:a. A myofibrilb. An antagonistc. A motor unitd. The prime movere. Rigor mortis8. Which of the following is not a correct association in the pelvic girdle and the lower limbs?Select one:a. Fibula-lower legb. Phalanges-toesc. Patella-knee capd. Coxal bones-hipse. Tibia-upper leg9. All of the following are bones of the axial skeleton except the _________.Select one:a. sternumb. vertebraec. ribsd. claviclee. skull10. What is the only freely movable portion of the skull?Select one:a. The mandibleb. The zygomatic bonec. The maxillad. The nasale. The mastoid