Solved by a verified expert:According to the process of natural selection, organisms best adapted to a particular environment produce more offspring who survive to reproduce than other organisms. Over time, the traits carried by these successful organisms come to define the population. We see similar results as a result of artificial selection. We have bred lines of cattle to produce copious quantities of milk, such as Holsteins, while others, like Herefords, produce large amounts of meat for consumption. We have selected different varieties of plants, such as wheat and rice, and especially different breeds of dogs. In artificial selection, humans determine which genes are favored, while in natural selection, environmental influences choose.Based on what you know about the scientific method, choose an animal or plant and explain how you would determine which individuals in a population were best adapted to their environment. What evidence would you need and why? What characteristics would be evidence? Is there a time frame that you would have to take into account? Why or why not? Cite your references.