Solved by a verified expert:You have been a life saver for me. Can you help with the following questions please. Thank you so very much in advance for all your help.Q1. You have been hired by a plant biotechnology company. The first task assigned to you is to isolate a gene that is expressed ONLY in the roots of a soybean plant. Describe in detail one approach, listing all the steps involved, that you could use to isolate gene X (this is a single gene)?Q2. A gene expression company is working on a viral infection site in the brain of monkeys to identify gene expression changes in that area. To do that they need a pure sample of infected cells from that site and then perform analysis on that. They also want to get the control sample from the same animal.Clearly delineate a method that can be used for isolation of a pure population of infected cells from that brain siteWhere/Which area will you isolate the control cells fromHow will you identify genes that are specifically expressed in the viral infected areaQ3. You are working for a Biotech company that has developed a proprietary protein expression system in prokaryotes. They are however, having a lot of trouble with the stability of proteins. What can they do to make the proteins stable in the expression system that they have and also easy to isolate?Q4. Let’s say you have two tubes, 1 and 2, each carrying a bacterial sample. In one of the tubes the bacteria has been transformed with ONLY a vector and in the tube with a RECOMBINANT (vector +insert) construct. Using ONLY two techniques-PCR and gel electrophoresis (use both), how will you determine which tube carries a recombinant and which tube the vector alone?Describe where the primers will anneal (not specific sequence but general location), what you expect to observe on the gel and how you will analyze and draw conclusions from the results? A schematic may be helpful!